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promoting & preserving the natural beauty & development of Janda Baik

Hello World !

Friends of Janda Baik

Welcome to friendsofjandabaik.wordpress.com , an official blog of Friends of Janda Baik . The purpose of this blog is to promote an awareness and importance in preserving and protecting the true beautiful nature of Janda Baik and it’s surrounding hills and streams, its ecological system while keeping the original existing concept of Malay ‘kampung’ (village) environment & development.

We welcome any comments/ideas/views/suggestions/enquiries pertaining the above; whether you had been to Janda Baik or planning to visit Janda Baik.

In promoting a ‘kampung’ development, the Friends of Janda Baik are happy assist & guide the visitors of Janda Baik thus making their stay and time spent would fully utilised absorbing the above.

(Friends of Janda Baik)


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