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Architecture: Traditional Malay House

village viewtradditional malay village house

tradditional malay village house

Cruising along the village of Janda Baik, ones could encounter a glimpse of the traditional Malay houses.

The traditional Malay house were built through a selection of various types of strong wood in its structures and finishes. Roof materials were originally made from “Nipah” leaves but had been replaced by zinc or tiles nowadays.

Most of these houses were built back in or over 100 years ago. The original Malay village development in Janda Baik came with a very low density area/population with each houses plotted with an ownership of 1 to 5 acres (min) land area in average.

The traditional design comprised of ridge roof (which served for rain protection and cooling ventilation), suspended column & floor higher from ground (which served as protection from flood, wild animals and provided an air ventilation/movement underneath as cooling factor) and verandah (which is part of the main entrance and providing an open view). It blends and marriage well with local Malaysian wheather, environment and socio-activities & tradition of the locality.

These design naturally escape unnecessary additional cost to air-conditioning system, fan apparatus, thus being self-sufficient and indeed act as energy saving unit design which so-called recent home design or ‘modern’ design failed to capture.


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