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Ramadhan – the Universal Blessed Month

Its a universal blessed month of Ramadhan, world are talking about it for centuries. its been celebrated world-wide, globally. And Janda Baik undoubtedly be in the list.

Janda Baik atmosphere during the fasting month of Ramadhan seems calmer and more relax than other months in a year. Perhaps people are engaging their daily activities more in performing Ibadah and worshipping Allah, thus might gives impact to a positive or good energy to the surroundings (by God’s will).

In the evening, we could see people are getting ready in their preparation to break their fast. Simpang Tiga is the spot where we could find most temporary food stalls selling varieties of food from traditional delicacies and cakes to fruit juices and herbal drinks – all ready to suit individual preference for breaking their fast in an ideally moderate manner.

By dawn, an azan (i.e. a call for mahrib pray) serves the official time /sign to break the fast. Locals would normally performed a Maghrib, Isya and Tarawekh prayers in the main Mosque of Janda Baik. By 10pm, then the crowds would either went back hoem or came over to their favourite meeting place for coffee/tea with friends.

As for Sahur, as norms, most would embraced this as early as 3am, keep awake with Ibadah until the time of Imsak (for the last meal) and performed Fajr prayer in main Mosque.

Daily activities and work proceeded as normal. Anyway, Ramadhan somehow gives ‘calm’ ambience, not only in Janda Baik but to most part of the world.


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