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Where to Pray?

A numbers of inquiries had been received by FOJB regarding the place to pray in Janda Baik.

For Muslims, there are basically four (4) (places in which two (2) were located by the road side thus make it easy to locate them and two (2)  were situated about 30m from from the road side.

(1) Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar (Main Mosque) Location: Pulau Santap, besides SRK Janda Baik. Friday Prayer perform here.

(2) Musola / Surau Gotong Royong. Location: Kg Chemperoh, near the bridge  (the picture above) just further up from Simpang Tiga.

(3) Musola / Surau Madrasah Hafiz. Location : Kg.Hulu Lurah near Zaini Guest House and Man Grocery Store (Kedai Runcit Man), just further up from Musola/Surau Gotong Royong.

(4) Musola/Surau An-Nur located at the left corner – T-junction (up the hill) when you first reach Janda Baik after ‘Gading Gajah’ arch entrance.

Almost all of the accommodation ( resort/semi-resort/chalet) in Janda Baik provides a Qiblat indicator which was marked on the ceiling in every room.

Prayers time – in accordance to Bentong area.

For further details, kindly refer to a MAP of Janda Baik.

Hope these will help. Insyallah.


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