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Awal Muharam and ‘New Year’ Celebration

Hi everybody,

Recently most global population celebrated Awal Muharam and soon celebrating so-called a ‘New Year’. Both are base respectively on nature circulation of moon orbiting the earth, and circulation of sun orbiting the earth; where we live in. Some believe that these gives impact to our lives and surrounding nature and  environment.
Maybe we’re yet still to get the better understanding of the two above in the significance of both to our body, mind and soul.

In Islam, there’s an events of Hijrah, the time cycle is base on the moon-earth orbiting which each respective months bring several benefits tp weeks to even  days to even hours. For example the month of Ramadhan, the day of Friday, and goes to the hourly phase like the 3rd part of the night ij Tahajud prayer had been mentioned.

In Paganism (the belief of ancient Egypt which until now practices by Zionist Illuminati as well as Kaballa satanism practice) , they take the Sun as the significant part of their belief and ritual, and adopted them in other cultures and beliefs , for example the worship of Sun been implemented in global weekly practice as Sunday (and not Son-day).

Nevertheless the promotion of Pagan-based New Year had well been absorbed world-wide through Zionist mainstream media gloally and thus becoming a norms in almost many societies in this world – taken as global fest; to whether with full understanding nor otherwise.

FOJB team wish all Muslims globally that celebrating Awal Muharam ;and to all celebrating ‘New Year’

– a truth year ahead.


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