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Hunting for Fresh Goat Milk

FOJB members: All sudden we’re crawling for a fresh goat milk. There’re so many benefits on fresh goaty milk which could be found on the net, but more prominently ones relates to monosthetetic religion. So, we cruised along Janda Baik and walla! we found one spot called ” Everything Good” Farm. Catchy and cheeky name…and we hit in.

We were amazed by the plants and flowers and herbal/fruits trees in the massive courtyard…roses too. I haven’t see more than 46 years old  ‘rambutan’ tree before as well. There’re an elegant traditional Malay house that marriage harmonically with ‘makisa’ plants and airy cool area underneath had been designed as lounge  ‘hide-out’ area. In front of the long entrance timber staircase, placed a water filled big size clay pot use to wash our feet before entering the house. Hygienic innit?

Upon our puzzle amazement seeing the place, we heard a greet by a warm smiling Abdullah, the owner of this beautiful place. Local people addressed him as Pak Dolah. He’s wearing a white topi (round shape cap) with a long one grip length beard…zero mustache.  Our desire for fresh goat milks were intoxicated by puzzling beauty courtyard, the feel of peacfulness and tranquility that make you just want to hang on there absorbing them. We discover that Pak Dolah has passion on flowers and trees, despite his natural carpentry talent or DIY , thus he constructed another tiny little house within his courtyard with Sumbawa craftship. Of course, we ‘ve been asking a lot of things to Pak Dolah in relation to the place; he never tired entertain us. Fresh papaya which he just plugged within his courtyard served to us. Time seems passed so fast without realizin’ it and the plan to visit his goat farm that situated just across the stream within his courtyard have to be postponed to later visit as its getting darker.

I must say that this is not an ordinary farm. Its unique. It has character. It has different values. Its not a typical profit driven commercial goat farm. It has a touch. It has a soul.  Perhaps Abdullah do it for and with  different values and purpose. How’s thefresh  goat milk taste like? mmmmmbbbhhhekkkkkkk…. YUMMY !

From FJOB: Thank you for you kind hospitality… Cheers Pak Dolah !