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Rape of the Hill Surrounding Janda Baik, Erosion & LANDSLIP

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Erosion Alert ! . ..again and again

Another erosion occurred again yesterday morning between Genting Sempah to Janda Baik entrance (‘pintu gerbang’) at illegal hill farming location along curvy hilly road.

This is not the first time incident, but had been going since the de-forestation rampant activities begun for illegal ginger hill farming along this route. Erosion occurs  can be seen clearly especially during pouring raining carried away massive amount of both muddy water and soil down the slope passing through the hilly road  continue  pouring down the steep slope at the roadside.

The mud sticks on this hilly road could be slippery and dangerous to passers-by especially for motorcyclist. Besides it would destroy the road surface beyond the targeted maintenance life-span and need to be repaired or re-surface in more frequent manner, wasting tax-payers money to cope with the damaged done by  illegal hill farming activities and de-forestation.

If you are following the inner hill road to Janda Baik from Genting Sempah, you could spot these location at your right hand side, the first llocation will be just after Genting Sempah and the second location will be somewhere in the middle way to ‘pintu gerbang’ at the sharp corner where the  red ‘Tokong Cina’ situated not to mentioned the  wooden and zinc structure been build very near to hilly road side  to serve these illegal hill farming.