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Archive for Flash Flood

Early flood detection in Janda Baik on 23-March’2009.

early rise of water level23 March 2009 0100hrs. It was found that the water level from Sg. Chemperuh started to rise up. Non-stop raining occured up the hill earlier that day. Members of FOJB drove up north and discovered few chairs from outdoor cafe nearby float away by strong current  up the road pavement area towards their vehicle.  FOJB had to turned towards the south and found that Sg.Lurah water level had started to rose up with hefty strong current, carried away river pebbles rock along the stream ;which could be heard clearly. After about 30 minutes the water level had rose up to the road level and filling the fish pond nearby. By 45 mins, water had rose up to knee level. Few cars parked along the stream had to be moved. Few villagers had came up and alert warning messages had been send across.

The next morning, less than 10 houses near Pulau Santap had been hit by flood. No seious damaged had been reported. Villagers managed to at least came to early warning and prepare themselves shall the worst happened. Few fish ponds lost their loots and one of the steel front gate along the stream had been damaged by sudden-flood.

The last flood incident occured in Janda Baik was back in 1984. However no lost of lives reported.

Flash-flood of this kind, might occured due to several factors – uncontrolled rape of rainforest massive area on the other side of surrounding hill of Janda Baik due to ginger farming where massive clearance of rainforest trees occured; damaging the green environment and it’s eco-system.

By the time of writing, the residents of Janda Baik still put up an on-going effort in bringing this matter up to the authorities; which piles of reports had been forwarded since the past 2 years.