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Congratulations to UPSR pupils of Janda Baik.


FOJB wish to thank all teachers (SRJK Janda Baik), parents and everybody in all the effort, time, energy and resources spend in the preparation of the pupils of Janda Baik for their elementary UPSR national school examination.

In Malaysia, Standard 6 elementary pupils at the age of 12 years young in average have to take up this special exam in parallel to the standards set by Malaysian Ministry of Education which had been made compulsory to all school children nation-wide.

Even though it is the first national elementary level of examination, it could be appeared to be a turning point of further positive opportunities in the children education growth not to mentioned a placement in national boarding schools which serve to highly competitive nowadays.

In Janda Baik, in  this year of 2009, four(4) pupils had been successfully obtained a flying colours result in their UPSR examination with staright 5As !

Heartiest Congratulations to all the young students of Janda Baik and wishing everyone of you a positive educational growth ahead.

So, now it is time for a long school holidays right? Have fun kids!

FOJB hope that Janda Baik would be producing more and more straight As students in the future. There’s a say that the seeds of children educational growth starting from home and the parents.

Mohd Zaidan - one of the four others who achieved straight 5As in UPSR 2009

Children of Janda Baik (a Close-Up)

meet children of janda baikMeet Fay (not her full name). She’s 13 young of age. Like many other children of Janda Baik, she go to school, do her revision, playing with her siblings, helping her mom at home and spare her precious time with herself.

Character wise, well, she’s bit of quiet person. Being the eldest in the family somehow shape her in standing strong  stance of what she wish to pursue and  believe in. She’s very polite girl, good listener and easily flash out her smile along the way.

Homey-type with great obedience to both her parents, she care and loves her younger sisters and brother (well, might have lil’bit of child-type friction due to different views sometimes with the brother); she also acts as an assistant to her mother in home management.

Asking what she’s looking forward to be when she grew up, then you wouldnt get a straight answer. However , she will tell you something which may appear to be from a larger parameter, later will bring you to her focal point (and might get you guessing), and i can say that she had something in her mind to become an educator.

Having a primary schooling in SMK Janda Baik, she is now admitted to one of the prestigious boarding  school in the country after went through with flying colours a competitive national UPSR Examination.

Born in London (as in UK) live her early age in the other side of the world and currently resided in Janda Baik, she embracing a unique ‘global’ mentality and upbringing from her parents but living within precious quality of life environment in a village of Janda Baik.

FOJB met her very recent as she came back home for a short school break. We pray for her success in utmost wide global opportunities ahead.

Coretan Dari Rakan(Bahasa Malaysia)


Apa khabar rakan rakan janda baik? Disini saya ingin menulis sedikit tentang blog friendsofjandabaik atau fojb ini.

Blog ini adalah cetusan ilham dari rakan baik saya Encik Razif (atau dikenali dengan nama timangan nya Seng Murugawa Dang Watana Paibul),dan sedikit  galakan dari saya.

Seng adalah seorang yang mencintai alam semulajadi dan sepanjang hidupnya telah mengembara ke pelusuk dunia seperti Afghanistan,Pakistan, Turkeministan…Popostan,Congostan…dan negeri setan (just joking).

Joking aside,dia memang telah mengembara banyak negara semasa menuntut sebagai pelajar Avionics di Queen Mary University,London(entah apa punya ijazah daa) seperti Europe, Russia,Afghanistan,Mongolia dsb.

Seng memang seorang yang sangat “curious “tentang ilmu dan pengalaman,tapi sayang sekali dia asyik nak buat kelakar dan ‘prank’ orang.

Dia seorang yang suka berbual tentang falsafah,kehidupan dan…….WANITA! Namun dia seorang yang serious dalam lawak dan lawak dalam serious!

Kami berdua berharap dengan tercetusnya blog ini ramai orang akan bertandang ketempat bertuah yang bernama Janda Baik ini untuk berehat dan melapangkan fikiran.

Kami juga berharap blog ini bukan saja mengenai mengekalkan alam semulajadi,tetapi juga mencetuskan “attitude” yang segar,gembira,intellectual(tanpa keberatan bahasa),dan juga melihat dunia(world view) dengan sudut mata hati.

Bak kata orang puteh FOJB ini adalah “microcosm of life” dunia kecil di terjemahkan kepada kehidupan yang lebih besar.

Enjoice! Dan Berlapang dada!