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How to Get There

green enclaving village road of janda baik


(1) For general location refer to satellite road map  in our Useful Link.

(2) For micro detail map, kindly refer to our map (.pdf) in the Main Page.

General Directions

Janda Baik is just 45 kilometers North of Kuala Lumpur and 1/2 hr drive from kl via Gombak-Karak Highway.After the first tunnel turn left,make a U-turn and turn left after petrol station PETRONAS and MCDONALD. On that left turn, all the way in and there will be a junction and a ‘Welcoming Arch’, turn right. From here, it is the main access to Janda Baik. There are signboards along the roads. Along the journey, you will see Conifer Forest Park on your left and further up an Electricsolar entrance on your right side. After the factory, either turning left at the T-junction at the Janda Baik’s surau (mosque)which is located on the left side of the road or just keep on going straight in, it will somehow, takes you to the main Kg. Janda Baik.  (For detail direction, click on the MAP Main Page).

1. By Air.

Nearest Airport –  (1) KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) (2) LCCT (Budget Airways) both in Sepang nr. Kuala Lumpur. From there you could either take a taxi direct to Janda Baik; or a coach(bus) / ERL expressway train to Kuala Lumpur (for transit) and then take either a taxi or bus to Janda Baik.


Taxi  cost about RM80 . ERL (Express Rail Link) cost about RM30 . Shuttle bus cost RM10 – both to KL Central Station, KL.

2. By Sea.

Are you joking? The shore located some 250km (eastward) and 115 km (westward).




The official charge from LCCT and KLIA is around RM140 one way to Janda Baik

Note:  Please use a official airport taxi coupon which you could obtain from the airport ofiicial taxi counter. It is a straight forward exercise. There are however in a very rare cases that an illegal taxi drivers operating around the airport lobby, if you been approached by them, just avoid them, else report it to airport security. It is advisable  not to take up these illegal taxi drivers else you will get a high possibility of been cahrged higher despite your safety.


KL taxis are not allowed to bring passengers out of the city by regulation. However, some will take you to Janda Baik but will charge you a return trip, as they would not get a passenger on the way back to the city. The charge would be 50% of that from Airport-Janda Baik charges.

b. Bus


There is no direct busses to Janda Baik from KL. First you have to take a bus to Bentong which is the nearest town to Janda Baik.  From Bentong, sadly the bus service has stoped the route Bentong to Janda Baik since early 2008. From Bentong to Janda Baik, you have to take a taxi. (Update Dec’2009 – we will keep on updating on any latest changes).

Coach or bus station in KL located in Jalan Pahang Bus Terminal (near Kuala Lumpur Hospital). From there, take a bus to Bentong. The trip will take about 1 hour from KL to Bentong. From Bentong, take a taxi to Janda Baik (30 mins. trip).


The car rental cost varied on the size and capacity. The price are competetive as they are plenty in KL, so you could do some browsing and pick any you wish or seems comfortable for you. Generally, a small car will cost about RM80 per day. Medium size car cost about RM120 and MPV / SUV type of vehicles could cost up to RM200 per day. Weekend charges would normally been granted a discounted price.

Note: You need to have an International Driving license. But for British driving license, it is eligible to use within a year of the date of entry to Malaysia.


(1) Get yourself a Map. Available from many petrol station PETRONAS at RM12. (Malaysia Road Map)

(2) From KL, first find a MRR2 highway (MRR2 is like a Circular Road in London). Then from MRR2 take an exit to Karak Highway (there’re a green signboard leading to Karak Highway/M0torway). The toll charges is RM5.

From there, just follow the general direction as above stated until you pass the tunnel and approach Genting Sempah (Rest Area).

(3) For detail direction from Genting Sempah to Janda Baik, kindly refer a micro in MAP Main Page.

5. Animal Transport. (no more came into existence in present transportation system).


Last Update Dec’2009. Kindly email us , shall you have any enquiries.

Below are general indicator on the distance between KL and Janda Baik:

Map 1A:  Route to Janda Baik from Kuala Lumpur

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