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People/Figures of Janda Baik

Figures of Janda Baik

(1)    Mansur

He has been studying, working & living in Middle East and Europe for more than 10 years. Initially, he graduated from American University in Egypt, then found his way practicing hospitality management in services industries in Holland and United Kingdom. He has been traveled extensively in Europe as part of his personal interest of exploring and understanding different culture and systems on the other side of the world. He has now married, having 6 children; and chose to live within the village environment of Janda Baik, and work from home.

(2)    Azlina

She believes that education plays a vital factor in producing positive qualities and development of future Janda Baik. Being a full-time house-wife with 6 beautiful children, she tight up her personal effort in the above pursue by giving school tuition to school children of Janda Baik  free of charge which are  held at her home premises.

Azlina graduated from Columbia University in New York, USA with Honors Degree in Chemical Engineering and hold a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College, University of London, London, UK. She has previously work as Financial Analyst in one of  an established financial institutions in Malaysia and had also served as a lecturer in University Science of Malaysia.

(3)    Pak Sobri

Pak Sobri, as local villagers designated him, being an ex-military defence personnel with active military jungle assignments together with vast knowledge of traditional medicine over his family generation ; turn these marriages into his expertise.His love of rainforest drives him in on-going exploration and study on various species that exist in million years old virgin rainforest surrounding janda Baik.

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