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Place to Eat

Well there’re few places run by locals, which most locals choose as their famous nor favourite meeting spot.

Andak’s Place. Open 7am to 5pm daily except Friday. Serves traditional breakfast, lunch and evening munchies. Real traditional Malay exquisite food. Wi-fi available. Have a character with traditional ‘rumbia’ leaf roof and bamboo mix interior. Semi-open air concept and ventilation, and open surrounding view.

Sha’az Corner. Locals refer it as “Kedai Zubir”. Open late noon say 5pm to midnite. However, sometimes it was found to be closed anytime as the owner wish. Hmmm. Nevertheless, it is a famous gathering spot for locals. People here playing chess…there are also a corner which equipped with music instruments where locals hit their beat. Big TV for those who’re into movies or gathered for any big games / match like football, badminton especially. Tables are positioned outdoor , some with umbrellas, so prepare for the cool breeze during the nite. It serves Malaysian food in general from rice/noodle – soup nor fried, roti canai, coffee/tea, half boiled egg + toast bread – anytime regardless lunch/evening/dinner/supper.

Kedai Goreng Pisang Simpang Tiga.Well, these are the sample of Malaysian delicacies called Goreng Pisang (fried banana) could be found. Other are ‘keropok lekor’ (fried fish crisp dipped with hot sour sauce), and keledek goreng. It serves a Take Away concept but there’re simple wooden table and plank chairs for those who wish to just have it there. Drinks available. Open normally from 3pm to 6pm. If you late, its all gone. We tell you, it goes like hotcakes!

Smoking Area: Are you kidding? This is not Singapore. This is not a robotic slave country. You’re free to smoke anywhere you pleased and as norms with caution to others as so-called sustaining equilibrium freedom of quality of life.

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