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The Famous Goreng Pisang (Fried Banana) of Janda Baik

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Located in Simpang Tiga, Janda Baik…it’s called ‘Kedai Goreng Pisang Simpang Tiga” famous amongst locals and visitors – where their specialty local evening delicacies Goreng Pisang (fried banana) served here together with keropok lekor (fried fish crisp dipped with hot sour sauce), fried fish balls and keledek goreng with fresh sugar cane drinks and cool Cendol. It serves a Take Away concept but there’re a simple wooden table and plank chairs for those who wish to just have it there. Open normally from 3pm to 6pm. If you’re late, then it would all probably gone. We had to tell you here mate, it goes like hotcakes!


Rape of the Hill Surrounding Janda Baik, Erosion & LANDSLIP

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Erosion Alert ! . ..again and again

Another erosion occurred again yesterday morning between Genting Sempah to Janda Baik entrance (‘pintu gerbang’) at illegal hill farming location along curvy hilly road.

This is not the first time incident, but had been going since the de-forestation rampant activities begun for illegal ginger hill farming along this route. Erosion occurs  can be seen clearly especially during pouring raining carried away massive amount of both muddy water and soil down the slope passing through the hilly road  continue  pouring down the steep slope at the roadside.

The mud sticks on this hilly road could be slippery and dangerous to passers-by especially for motorcyclist. Besides it would destroy the road surface beyond the targeted maintenance life-span and need to be repaired or re-surface in more frequent manner, wasting tax-payers money to cope with the damaged done by  illegal hill farming activities and de-forestation.

If you are following the inner hill road to Janda Baik from Genting Sempah, you could spot these location at your right hand side, the first llocation will be just after Genting Sempah and the second location will be somewhere in the middle way to ‘pintu gerbang’ at the sharp corner where the  red ‘Tokong Cina’ situated not to mentioned the  wooden and zinc structure been build very near to hilly road side  to serve these illegal hill farming.

A Visit to Andak’s Place – a place with Character.

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If you are cruising or drive through Janda Baik i.e. along from Simpang Tiga towards the signboard “ILMU (Umno Training Center)” you might be able to easily spot a catchy cozy eating place with a maroon and yellow signage called “Andak’s Place” . It is situated not far from Simpang Tiga at the left hand side of the road. There is an ample premix parking space in front of this cozy local bamboo, ‘Rumbia’ tatch roof with selective  greeny rainforest species and plants premises.

Well, obviously we would never leave this opportunity to pop over. It was a Sunday afternoon with mild temperature and sunny spells –  and it would be nice to sample some local dishes. There are about 10 patrons when we got in and a welcome greetings.

Entering the premises, we observe that there’re about three different sections for you to freely choose from: the side-walk, the main and the area or seating near the gentle fountain. The cooling water sounds produced by this gentle fountain could probably serve as a therapy to many within this premises. At the backyard laid a lovely green close turfing carpet grass with chest height wooden plank hoardings, giving an airy breeze cross natural ventilation little patio-like design .

The rainforest species were planted serving part of the interior soul, act as a oxygen lung within the cafe in the heart of Malaysian rainforest. The interior decor were designed utilising mainly local materials resources where bamboo being constructed as ceiling layers and onto partial wall panelling stands with a solid timber structure, not to mentioned supported with dimm lighting that bring up the contrast in this very simple cozy humble place with river stone split level stair at the main entrance. While walking besides green grassy spacy turfing to wash our hands , we encountered a wooden shelf cabinet containing a vast varieties choices of books, magazines and journals for the patrons to have a browse and spend their time reading on here over a local coffee /tea and delicacies.

Well, FOJB team have a privileged to have Mr. Azuwar along – a frequent visitors to Janda Baik who had been traveled extensively globally along with his love and passion for food. So, he will be acting as our food analyst. We decided to sample Andak’s Place traditionally prepared local ‘cuisines like green’sambal’with onions(chili paste), Beef Rendang, spicy fried chicken, ‘Ulam’ fresh vegetables, salted eggs,  served with white rice and local ice tea.So, how’s the taste like? For the past years, me myself do not hold good reputation in food tasting. But in seeing Azuwar absorption in tasting the food;not to mentioned with  a mouthful additional plate of main dish ordered by him ;and 3 set of drinks (even though he had just taken late breakfast an hour before), I must say that it would be something positive from this gentleman who’re really has passion and love and appreciation on food. I don’t need to ask him though after seeing the reaction chemistry along his food sampling process.

As if you taken it from me (from the person who will even tell you that instant noodle taste nice and that’s explain why i  never got a chance of being a food taster/analyst);  the hot green sambal were real craze and i personally found all them yummy. Okay, okay, i know…its not the instant noodle kind of yummy…what i wanted to say here is  , this is real yummy. Well, like i said, you dont have to take it from me, just come and taste it yourself tho.

Whats sparkling to FOJB here at the same time – is the sound of gushing water from this gentle fountain, the breeze of Janda Baik itself, a flowy tune of  local traddtional music played in Andak’s Place. It’s all  seems to be marriage well – the clean cozy premises, the gentle fountain, the breeze, the food, the light local traditional music, the friendly local environment…what can we say, it’s merely a place with it’s own character.The place got character.

We feel honored to finally got an opportunity meeting with the owner, Mr.Andak (or locally know here as just ‘Andak’). Lean build, glassy, late 40s – he’s a warm chap with wealth of experience and knowledge whilst he has been done a lot of traveling to great number of  places during his young age.

Without realizing it, we had been spending almost nearly 3.5 hours here. Well, if you are here in Janda Baik, time seems unclocking. Mmm…time is not constant anyway.

Congratulations to UPSR pupils of Janda Baik.


FOJB wish to thank all teachers (SRJK Janda Baik), parents and everybody in all the effort, time, energy and resources spend in the preparation of the pupils of Janda Baik for their elementary UPSR national school examination.

In Malaysia, Standard 6 elementary pupils at the age of 12 years young in average have to take up this special exam in parallel to the standards set by Malaysian Ministry of Education which had been made compulsory to all school children nation-wide.

Even though it is the first national elementary level of examination, it could be appeared to be a turning point of further positive opportunities in the children education growth not to mentioned a placement in national boarding schools which serve to highly competitive nowadays.

In Janda Baik, in  this year of 2009, four(4) pupils had been successfully obtained a flying colours result in their UPSR examination with staright 5As !

Heartiest Congratulations to all the young students of Janda Baik and wishing everyone of you a positive educational growth ahead.

So, now it is time for a long school holidays right? Have fun kids!

FOJB hope that Janda Baik would be producing more and more straight As students in the future. There’s a say that the seeds of children educational growth starting from home and the parents.

Mohd Zaidan - one of the four others who achieved straight 5As in UPSR 2009

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Illegal hill farming surrounding Janda Baik

(An extract from local newspaper “The Star” on  Tuesday May 5, 2009 under the headline “Put an End to the Rape of Janda Baik” reported by Nature Lover, Kuala Lumpur) :

I AM an avid hiker and nature lover who have been hiking around Janda Baik for the last 20 years. Last week the Prime Minister and his deputy were at Janda Baik, officiating ILMU, an Umno training centre, at Janda Baik. I am sure both of them must have seen the obvious signs of the rape of Janda Baik forest reserve that has been going on for the last 15 years!

The village committee had reported this matter to the Mentri Besar and the Pahang exco on numerous occasions. However, nothing has been done.

The villagers in Janda Baik are extremely unhappy because according to the estimate, more than 10,000 acres of forest reserves have been destroyed.

The “destruction” is apparently financed by towkays from Singapore. What perplexed me is how can such rampant destruction of the forest, obvious even from the KL-East Coast Highway, allowed to take place for so long?

The villagers complain that the temperature is getting hotter by the day. The once cool and clear waters have turned into a stream of teh tarik. Fishes are dying and the ecology of the area is fast changing.

The villagers say they will be punished by the Forestry Department if they plant vegetables or fruit trees on the reserve land. Yet, some culprits have been destroying the forest in broad day light and no action is taken.

I hope our PM can help restore the beauty of Janda Baik by having timber trees that can be harvested by our future generation.

I also hope the Forestry Department can use Google Earth to see the obvious destruction within minutes. The Department must play its role as guardian of our natural heritage.

Kuala Lumpur.