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Things to do

waterfall in janda baik

In Janda Baik, you could either cruise around the village sampling a village environment, atmosphere and traditional local food drinks and culture.

There are various number of clear streams that passes through the village for all to have a cool splash not to mentioned a reasonable and affordable resorts, chalets available for you to relax within this quite cooling breeze green village.

Due to the quiet, cool with green surroundings hills and streams, people normally came here for:
– relaxation
– writing/photography/personal research with their own space
– village cruising, splashy down clear streams
– easy camp-out
– eat & sleep

or even…

– rainforest trekking (varied from a day trail to a week crossing the Titiwangsa Mountain Range)
– bird watching
– waterfall trails
– 4WD (4 wheel drive) trails
– mountain biking / hill cycling
– tubing water rafting
– fishing (fresh water fish)

Well…it’s all up to you, to explore.

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