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JANDA BAIK or by it’s original name  “Kampung Janda Baik” is located in the State of Pahang, MALAYSIA.

It lies in the heart of  green lush rainforest mountain range of Titiwangsa  with 365m altitude. Janda Baik is a captivating traditional Malay kampong (village) with rainforest flowers & trees, fruits, herbal plants, vegetables plots and clear water streams criss-crossing the vast undulating land with beautiful mountain ranges (Banjaran Titiwangsa) as the backdrop.

Population:Approximately 1700 people.

Location/Altitude:Its geographical coordinates are 3° 19′ 0″ North, 101° 52′ 0″ East with altitude (feet) 1299, altitude (metres) 395, timezone(est) UTC+8.

Climate:High humidity. Cool breezing tropical climate of 22 C(night)to 28 C(day).

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